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Monolithic Titania


Titania monolith and its granular particles are porous material having a dual-pore structure of through pore and small pore whose skeletons are composed of 100% titanium oxide. While having the excellent flow path characteristic of the monolith, it shows high strength derived from titanium oxide.

It can also be applied to a purpose requiring corrosion resistance such as under strong alkali which could not be applied to date. Moreover, it shows a photocatalytic action peculiar to titanium oxide, it can also control the particle diameter and pore size freely while maintaining a high specific surface area, so it is a material with high potential that can be applied as a highly efficient reaction medium.


<< Characteristics of monolithic titania >>
・Porous material having high specific surface area and high porosity.
・Single-pore/dual-pore structure particles having perfusion characteristic.
・High strength, Acid resistance, Alkali resistance, Photocatalysis and Thermal catalysis.




<< Basic physical property >>

Constituent Titanium oxide
Through pore diameter Controllable from 0.1-5 µm
Small pore diameter Controllable from 0-15 nm
Crystal structure Anatase or Rutile
Specific surface area Up to 250 m2/g
Small pore volume Up to 0.3 cm3/g
Bulk density 0.7-1.3 g/cm3
control range
Monolith: rod diameter up to 6 mm
Particle: amorphous/particle diameter 5-5000 µm



<< Example of skeletal structure of monolithic titania >>


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